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Traffic Signals Technology Factorywww.tstsignal.com

Traffic Signal Technology Factory – TST, is a established business organization operating for more than two years under the subsidiary of SRG that composed the twelve business organization by which, the first organization was established in the year 1982, named as Saeed R. Al Zahrani Company, is one of the oldest established independent corporation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Through the effort and excelled performance of the administrative and technical staff it achieved and fulfills the prosperity and satisfaction to their customers and as a whole.

Traffic Signal Technology Factory offers great variety of products and services:

  • Designs and estimates of Traffic Signals
  • Provider of Traffic Signal Controllers, Traffic Signal Heads, Sensor Cameras
  • Control individual Parking Space
  • Provide profitable Parking Space Management System
  • Provide Ultra Sonic Sensors register the occupancy
  • Interface to a Parking and Revenue Control System
  • Network Integration
  • Warning Signals, Road Markers, Traffic Barriers, Poles and Accessories

SIDCO www.sidco.com.sa

SIDCO is pioneers in manufacturing and marketing cleaning chemicals, it is one of the dominant players in the cleaning and manufacturing sector handling prestigious projects in the kingdom and gulf countries.

Over the last decade SIDCO has registered channels in KSA, Bahrain, Kuwait and UAE. SIDCO has also spread its wings to other Middle East, far East and African countries.

SIDCO has emerged market leaders in many segments, satisfying the discerning consumers in quality and price. Over the last decade SIDCO has registered phenomenal growth in all segments it is caterings too.

SIDCO attributes its success to the ever growing and satisfied customers and we are committed to all of YOU.

FredrecM www.fredericm-me.com

Frederick M is the French cosmetics company founded by Brothers Frederick and Serge Munoz in the early eighties of the last century, they decided to fight the challenges through the mobilization of Beauty French and nature in a bottle, but they are not of any nature, but rather nature located in the Treasures of the Mediterranean region and is the nature of Its own properties affecting the balance of the skin and maintain permanent on youth. Rawafid Al Wadi Foundation (FredrecM Arabia on of Saeed Raddad Group companies) is the sole agent of Saudi Arabia and the company’s exclusive in the Middle East, where it has several branches in Saudi Arabia and GCC.

M. Frederick made a distinct group of perfumes and makeup and skincare, hands and feet, nails, personal care products, in addition to accessories and ornaments.